Lempi stands for favorite, love, and fondness in Finnish language. Lempi is a research means that communicates location and memories between people in long-distance relationships (LDRs).
Lempi enables storytelling by reporting about location-related experiences and emotions, and thus links LDRs partners’ daily life . Lempi aims to create content between the partners in their remote environments and thus build a bridge across the distance.

Nonverbal communication (NVC) is the richest way for people to emotionally express themselves. However, in computer-mediated communication (CMC) NVC is underused. People inLDRsalready know how to adapt to CMC. While CMC is considered to be less ideal, LDRs still have a tendency to disclose more intimacy, closeness and relatedness to each other than non-LDRs. As CMC has been mainly designed for business purposes, there is an opportunity to target relatedness experiences and a challenge to find inter-relatedness of the daily activities of LDRs.

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