Mind your time, mind your food

The Lumame service brings healthy and sustainable habits to families for preparing everyday meals. It reduces waste on different levels by helping in planning grocery shopping, saving effort and precious time, but also eliminating leftovers, overproduction, packaging waste and reducing transport waste .

We took the growing trend of online shopping into consideration and designed a smart algorithm that plans meals through structured food packs, with simple-to-follow recipes and re-usable packaging.  The system would take away some choice from costumers, encouraging a balanced and seasonal diet, using the entirety of the food stock. This creates a balance between the peoples’ demand and local providers avoiding overproduction.

in collaboration with Elisa Spigai, Joaquin Aldunate and Idamaija Pitkonen

#2016 #ServiceDesign #UserTesting #PaperPrototyping #RSAStudentDesignAwards #FUTUIOT
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