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Mind your time, mind your food

#2016 #ServiceDesign #FoodDesign #UserTesting #PaperPrototyping #RSAStudentDesignAwards

The Lumame service brings healthy and sustainable habits to families for preparing everyday meals. It reduces waste on different levels by helping in planning grocery shopping, saving effort and precious time, but also eliminating leftovers, overproduction, packaging waste and reducing transport waste .

We took the growing trend of online shopping into consideration and designed a smart algorithm that plans meals through structured food packs, with simple-to-follow recipes and re-usable packaging.  The system would take away some choice from costumers, encouraging a balanced and seasonal diet, using the entirety of the food stock. This creates a balance between the peoples’ demand and local providers avoiding overproduction.

in collaboration with Elisa Spigai, Joaquin Aldunate and Idamaija Pitkonen

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#2016 #VR #OculusRift #DASH16 #ConceptDevelopment

Can you survive in our virtual reality with the tools our ancestors used to survive with? Neanderthalensis is a virtual reality interactive experience based on primitive gestures and virtual tools within virtual reality. This paradox of making a wood fire and high technology strives to explore which tools we should have to create in virtual reality and how we use them.

in collaboration with Victor Pardinho

Lempi stands for favorite, love, and fondness in Finnish language. Lempi is a research means that communicates location and memories between people in long-distance relationships (LDRs).
Lempi enables storytelling by reporting about location-related experiences and emotions, and thus links LDRs partners’ daily life . Lempi aims to create content between the partners in their remote environments and thus build a bridge across the distance.

#2014 #2016 #DesignResearch #MasterThesis #AR #ProductServiceSystem #LongDistanceRelationships #IoT #DandE2016Proceedings

Nonverbal communication (NVC) is the richest way for people to emotionally express themselves. However, in computer-mediated communication (CMC) NVC is underused. People inLDRsalready know how to adapt to CMC. While CMC is considered to be less ideal, LDRs still have a tendency to disclose more intimacy, closeness and relatedness to each other than non-LDRs. As CMC has been mainly designed for business purposes, there is an opportunity to target relatedness experiences and a challenge to find inter-relatedness of the daily activities of LDRs.


#2013 #prototyping #verification #scenarios #MasterThesis

X-series are concepts developed  to evoke a wide range of relatedness communication experiences. The most promising product attributes, from a competitive analysis, were embedded into the concepts and tested through different iterations.

The combination of attributes that were embedded within the products were tweaked and adjusted to strengthen the nonverbal communication experiences. The communication experiences were crystalized and expressed in a successful combination suitable for usage scenarios. The same form language was used so the preference would be more based on the experiential level of the concepts.


#2016 #FjordHelsinki #PrototypingExperience #Michihito #CharacterDesign #DASH16

Thermometers only reveal temperature, they don’t take humidity or wind velocity into account. Also they are most often only checked when people already know that the weather conditions outside are harsh. However they only reveal one variable, temperature in any situation.

To give an accurator representation of how hot or cold it really is outside and have more attention for thermometers in general we created Thermobird. The thermometer that knows it  can only tell you the temperature. With the all too frequent rhythmical call of this pet bird you go outside and make it stop knocking your window. This way you get the best sensors into the field, your own body. Now you know how to dress for the day while you take Thermobird inside to its nest, where it will be charging its batteries, waiting to be put outside again.

in collaboration with Marloes van Son and Alex van Giersbergen


#2015 #FoodDesign #HumanTouch #MarijeVogelzang #HeidiUppa #SpringSteam #DASH16

Step into a world of conscious eating in a way you haven’t experienced before. Notions of social control and the duality of children and adult dining rules merge into an experience that will leave you hungry for connecting through food and eating again and again. Can eating be both a physical and an emotional experience? You set the pace for building trust.

In collaboration with Jenni Holma, Vera Durbakova and Yuexin Du
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